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Full Body SPA LED Red Light Therapy

Model Number: LED Red Light Therapy

Brand: ZJZK

LEDs: 60pcs-480pcs

Power: 300W-2400W

Operation Mode: Continuous Wave & Pulsed Wave, Optional

Wavelength: 660nm;850nm;630,660,855&940nm;630,650,660&850nm,etc

Applications: Sports Injuries, Promote Wound Healing, Heal Burning Wounds, Muscular Relaxation, Full-body SPA, Decrease Inflammation and Pain, Upgrade Thyroid Functioning and Fat Loss, Increased Performance in the Gym, Boost Recovery, Promote Optimal Testosterone Levels, Develop Radiating Skin Health, Prevent and Treat Sunburn Damage, Improve Skin Conditions(such as Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis), Improve Oral Care, Reduce Acne, Sunburn, Striae, Inhibit Scar Tissue, Reverse Hair Loss, Heal Burning Wounds, Decreases Anxiety and Depression...


Product Description

Product Information

LED Red Light Therapy adopts LEDs which can emit very specific light wavelengths (600-900nm), aims to affect the mitochondria throughout the body. Mitochondria are the energy producing units of our cells. So improving mitochondrial function will improve the overall health of whole body. Red light therapy is especial used for sports injuries, promote wound healing, decrease inflammation, upgrade thyroid functioning, increase gym performance, wound healing, and promote optimal testosterone levels, etc. Overall, red light therapy is an amazing tool for improving general health, increasing workout performance, improving beauty, and enhancing general well-being.     


Mode Number












Number of LED Chips






LED Wavelength

660nm (635-680nm, 808-850nm, 904-980nm, Customized)

Laser Type

GaAlAs Diode Laser

Operation Mode

Continuous Wave & Pulsed Wave, Optional

Output Power Adjust


Output Frequency


Time Setting

1-60 Minutes

Cooling System

Air Cooling

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V, 50/60Hz or DC12V

Packing Case

Carton Box


N.W.: 10kg   G.W.: 12kg           

Product Show


1. Delivers over 100mW/cm² with no EMFs, no side effects.

2. Treat your entire body in just a few minutes per day.

3. Long service life, highest quality design.

4. Simple to operate whole body light pods for professionals and panels for home use.

5. Offer OEM, can be single red light or near infrared light or both two lights, customized.

6. Provides ultimate versatility for overall health. 


Sports Injuries

Promote Wound Healing

Heal Burning Wounds

Muscular Relaxation

Full-body SPA

Decrease Inflammation and Pain

Upgrade Thyroid Functioning and Fat Loss

Increased Performance in the Gym

Boost Recovery

Promote Optimal Testosterone Levels

Develop Radiating Skin Health

Prevent and Treat Sunburn Damage

Improve Skin Conditions(such as Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis

Improve Oral Care

Reduce Acne, Sunburn, Striae

Inhibit Scar Tissue

Reverse Hair Loss

Heal Burning Wounds

Decreases Anxiety and Depression


Comapny Profile:

ZJZK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of medical laser devices as well as offering solutions for all customers around the world. We have been working on medical laser devices over 10 years, constant pursuit of high quality product is our lifelong program. At the same time, we cooperate with some universities and research institutes to develop advanced medical laser devices to meet the needs in the changing market. To ensure high quality product, we have built up strict procedures for production in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000, ISO13485 and 5S implementations. All our medical laser devices have obtained national and international approvals, such as CE, IEC/EN 60825 and so on.

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Contact Us

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Wuhan ZJZK Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86-27-86636657
Fax: +86-27-86636658
E-mail: info@zjzklaser.com 

Website: www.zjzklaser.com

Address: 6F, Building 12, Guanggu Xin Dong Li Industrial Park, East Lake Development Zone, 430074, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.



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