Handheld Laser Therapy Device

Laser therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses light of a specific wavelength to treat multiple diseases. It’s scientifically proven to be effective and have been widely used by: Doctors / Kinesiotherapist / Chiropractors / Physiotherapists / Orthopedist / Veterinarians / Pedicures / Home Use

Handheld 1-12W Laser Therapy Devices for Human and Animals

Handheld Laser Therapy Device is a portable high power handheld equipment, use laser wavelength (635-1064nm) and the ZJZK mixed laser to enhance cell function. Low Level Laser stimulate the body to increase the production of special enzymes which affects cell proliferation or cell division, thus increasing healing speed of wounds. The device can relieve pain, improve circulation, anti-inflammation, and accelerate healing process.


  1. Safe. Non-invasive, no pain, no side effect, no cross infection, no surgical, drug-free, natural healing treatment.
  2. Convenient and effective. It is portable and lightweight. Power and treating time can be adjusted as required.
  3. Easy to operate. With clear buttons, operation is so easy.
  4. Be widely used. It can be used at home, clinic, hospital, Spa, Beauty salon or in other places.
  5. ZJZK Multi-Wavelength. Can be customized. ZJZK Laser Therapy Device will offer more treatments.


  1. Relieve kinds of pain.
  2. Diminish kinds of inflammation.
  3. Accelerate wound healing.
  4. Improve blood circulation.


DESCRIPTION Handheld Laser Therapy Device
Wavelength 635-1064nm, customized
Watt 1-12W
Number of Laser Diodes 25 Diodes
Laser Type GaAIAs Diode Laser
Operation Mode Continuous Wave & Pulsed Wave, Adjustable
Frequency 1-10KHz
Power Adjustment 4 Grades Adjustable (25% / 50% / 75% / 100%)
Time Setting 1-60Minutes Adjustable
Net Weight 2.16lb
Size 3.74*2.95*11.42in
Power Supply DC Charging & Rechargeable Lithium Battery (20400mAh)
Input Voltage AC85V-265V, 50/60Hz or DC12V
Handheld Laser Therapy Device

Low level laser therapy (LLLT)

Low level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser therapy, or photobiomodulation (PBM), offers non-surgical and drug-free pain relief, regenerative healing, and improved tissue regeneration. Laser therapy delivers a multitude of benefits, including: Restored joint mobility through reduction in pain and stiffness.

Cold laser therapy is considered safe when performed under the care of a doctor or qualified practitioner. On the plus side, it’s also noninvasive and painless. It doesn’t require medication or other preparation either.

Best Hot Sell Model: LRP5000 & LRP8000

650nm Accelerates Surface Healing

Irradiating an area with 650nm, a wavelength where melanin in our skin absorbs very well, will ensure a large dose to the superficial region. Since light can both inhibit bacteria and promote cell growth, laser therapy has incredible results in wound healing and scar tissue regulation.

808nm Increases ATP Production

The enzyme determining how efficiently the cell converts molecular oxygen into ATP has the highest absorption at 808nm. Regardless of the enzyme’s molecular state, when it absorbs a photon it will flip states. Photon absorption will accelerate the process and increase cellular ATP production.


With Professional engineer teams, we can customize the single/mixed wavelength in different watt at your request.

All the laser diodes are imported from Germany, USA, Japan.

We provide 1 year warranty and long-life time after services.

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