LED Helmet for Parkinson

LED Helmet for Parkinson used 810nm wavelength near-infrared to penetrate the skull to reach the brain effectively treating brain disease caused by cerebral vascular occlusion. It is effective to treat Alzheimer/dementia, Parkinson, Stroke and other brain diseases.

810nm Photobiomodulation Helmet

This wavelength (proven in 2018) is one of the best for transcranial Laser / light stimulation For the PBM helmet 280 LEDs with a wavelength of 810 nm were used. This provides the opportunity to treat various mental illnesses. This opens up therapeutic opportunities for patients who have suffered stroke,memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other cerebral diseases requiring physical therapy.

Photobiomodulation of the brain with 810nm LEDs helmet

Brain photobiomodulation (PBM) with red (near infrared) LEDs (LED), innovative therapy for various neurological and psychological disorders, stimulate mitochondrial respiratory complex, increase ATP synthesis, improve the metabolic ability of neurons and can stimulate anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic and antioxidant reactions as well as neurogenesis and synaptogenesis. The resultssuggest that the PBM can improve the functions of the frontal brain of older people in a safe and cost-effective manner. The equipment is based on the use of an infrared LED with a wavelength of 810 nm.


1. Non-surgical and drug treatment without side effects, fast and effective.2. Painless, non-invasive, comfortable, very safe and convenient, without special care after treatment.3. Uniform LED distribution to ensure uniform and stable exposure to the treatment area.4. Safety LED irradiation has good recovery effect for brian treatment5. High-capacity lithium batteries for energy saving.6. With cooling holes, it is long life and low energy consumption.


stroke,memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other cerebral diseases requiring physical therapy.


DESCRIPTION LED Helmet for Parkinson
Wavelength 810nm
Power 15W
Number of LED Diodes 280 Diodes
Certificate ISO9001,ISO13485,CE,FCC,ROHS
Operation Mode Continuous Wave & Pulsed Wave, Adjustable
Frequency 1-10KHz
Power Adjustment 4 Grades Adjustable (25% / 50% / 75% / 100%)
Time Setting 1-60Minutes Adjustable
Net Weight 0.67kg/1.47ib
Size 240*280*130mm/9.45*11.02*5.12in
Power Supply DC Charging & Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Input Voltage AC85V-265V, 50/60Hz or DC10V

Easy to operate

Conncet the controller with helmet, set working mode, power and time, then click ‘OK’ button and enjoy treating. It is so eay to operate it and very convenient for old people use.


It is proven that 40Hz, 272Hz and 980Hz are effective to treat Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease and other cerebral diseases. The patient just need to wear it half an hour everyday.

Meaningful Helmet

When people get old, more diseases will happen, we can’t prevent the natural rule, but we can do something meaningful for the old and take more care of them. No matter for patients or distributors, the helmet is helpful and meaningful.

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